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“I’m a Brazilian writer from Rio de Janeiro, where I manage my own software company since 1995 and live with my beloved wife, son and daughter.  I’m also a scholar of ancient cultures and of the Chinese art of Wing Chun.


I love stories that give me shivers, tears or laughs. To be great, a story needs to absolutely touch the heart and surprise the audience. Those are the stories I'm looking for to read, watch and write.


Storm Dragons is the result of a long journey. For years, in my mind, I had only a premise and an awesome thrilling end for a story inspired by Celtic legends. It soon changed to a multi-ethnic one populated with racial conflict when I started to write.  My fantasy world became a “real” one with its own lore and legends, with a message of peace, union and redemption under the intolerance and the violence of an ultimate war.


After a lot of polishing work and more than a dozen finals in international Screenplay Contests and Film Festivals, I beleive taht Storm Dragons is finally ready to face the great challenge of amazing and thrilling the most demanding audiences.”


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