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Stephen is a natural storyteller and self-taught screenwriter. His interest in screenwriting began at the young age of 12 when he wrote and filmed several projects using his parent’s camcorder. After graduating from college, Stephen met the like-minded Tim Kozlenko while they both were working at ESPN. It wasn’t long before the two joined forces as writing partners. To date, they have completed four feature length screenplays, with several others in the works.

Tim Kozlenko is a writer and hip hop musician who has performed for crowds all over the country. He is currently a student living in Connecticut, and dedicates most of his time to screenwriting and fiction. Never content with his current skill set, Tim is always trying to improve his writing and further his understanding of the craft. "The Price of Progress" is his fourth screenplay with co-writer Stephen Readey.

Stephen and Tim are currently seeking representation and are open to writing on assignment.

THE PRICE OF PROGRESS Click here to contact Stephen and Tim about their winning script