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Annette Sanchez writes stories about women.  Admittedly, she has a flair for the dramatic.  She’d love to write an over-the-top comedy with men as the Protagonists, but it doesn’t come naturally, so she’ll never be rich and she’s okay with that.  “Sacrifice” is about a mother who refuses to pass on a seemingly incurable disease that’s been passed down through generations of women in her family.  Believing that she will saddle her newborn baby girl with depression, she does the unthinkable.  She walks away from her baby and the husband she adores with a promise never to return.  

“Sacrifice” was a Finalist in The Beverly Hills Film Festival, a Semi-Finalist in the Back in the Box screenplay competition, and the winner of monthly contest for January.  She has completed two other features, which she hopes will be received as well.  

Annette has high hopes of returning to her theatre roots.  One day, hopefully soon, she hopes to write and produce a play for her friends and loved ones to enjoy.  The most important part of her life is by far her two adorable boys, Jonah and Elijah.  In close second, is her husband JD, who offers support and encouragement whenever she’s about to throw in the towel.  

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