is a FREE resource for  Screenwriters, Actors, Directors, Enthusiastic  Hobbyists and everyone interested in the  Cinematic Arts. -  884 Fogerty St., London, ON Canada N5X 4G6 Mail: Christine Autrand Mitchell - Winner April ‘12 THE CULLINGS PRINCIPLE An inadvertently charming young attorney hiding bitter secrets must travel through Victoria-era London’s underbelly as well as its high society in order to find his purportedly dead sister.


Christine Autrand Mitchell was raised in four countries. A polyglot, she graduated with a BA in Linguistics from UC Berkeley and entered the corporate world and became a consultant. Needing to return to her film and writing roots, Christine started a production company, Entandem Productions, in Central California.

As a writer and editor, she has worked on everything from technical manuals and copy to fiction, and has published short stories and magazine articles. She writes screenplays, literary fiction, plays, and also coaches writers in fiction, non-fiction and screenplays.

In the last two years, Christine has placed in over a dozen international screenwriting contests and festivals, winning two so far (including The Writers Place) with three scripts The Cullings Principle has garnered the most awards. (

As a filmmaker, Christine has produced several short films and the multi-award winning feature Finding Hope Now ( with Michael Badalucco (“The Practice”) and Avan Jogia (Nickelodeon’s “Victorious”). As a Director, she’s worked on shorts and commercials and is a Casting Director with national projects. She’s even been a Script Supervisor and Pre-Production Supervisor. She is an acting instructor and founded the Fresno Filmmakers Alliance, a network for local filmmakers. 

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