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I liken my journey with screenwriting with the first half of the preferred way to structure a scene; specifically: come in late.  In December of 2009, I retired from a thirty-five year career as a human resources executive.  Since then, I’ve accomplished two long-standing goals.  First, I relocated from Arizona to the spectacular Olympic Peninsula of the state of Washington, where I reside in the small town of Sequim.  Then I completed my first quality screenplay, BOOKMARK.  Subsequently, after taking a week off to rest (retirement is tough), I completed my second successful screenplay, THE FIRST DAY.  I believe THE FIRST DAY will eventually shine in the industry.  And, as far as the second half of a scene, leave early, I don’t plan to stop crafting entertaining stories anytime soon.

I’ve been fortunate to have worked with a very talented Story Analyst on both of my pieces.  She has described my work in her own words as, “What’s particularly important to note about how well these relationships work is that they feel extremely natural and not ‘pushed’ at all.  Almost not ‘written.’  Each of them feels as though we are simply watching through a window into a very real world, not amped up for the screen or manipulated in any way that only the best writing for the screen achieves.”

For THE FIRST DAY, she wrote, “The relationship that develops between Pete and Amy is done particularly well, is built organically, unfolds at a natural pace and feels like a truly human, authentic friendship and love…. more reminiscent of films made in years past when patience and realism trumped anything else and some of the finest character work in film history was allowed to be made.”

THE FIRST DAY is a drama story about a washed-up private investigator who is down, but not out, at least as far as his options go.  His only goal in his soon to be shortened life is to reconcile with his daughter, but what he didn’t count on is the effect Murphy’s Law would have on his journey.

I’m fortunate to have retired at a fairly young age and to live in a magical place where I can pursue my passion for wine, cooking and screenwriting.  I also squeeze in a love for biking, hiking, golfing and hunting for sea glass.

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