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BREWIN’ THE PITS (formerly Open Pit)

A withdrawn, former horseshoe pitching champion jumps through hoops and hilarity to win back his life, and love, after the death of his father.

BREWIN’ THE PITS submerses you into this underground sport of competitive horseshoes through the experience of Shamus O’Toole, a former player on the verge of champion-hood before his father unexpectedly dies, hurling him into a fall from grace.  From the bottom of his self-deprecated pool of loathing, where things can’t seem to get worse, his perfect girl leaves him as he proposes and his friends won’t stop throwing the big picture in his face.  But when his former nemesis takes his ex-girl and everything else he was on course to receive, it delivers the wake up call Shamus needs to get off his ass and back into the pit.  Filled with broad humor, unforgettable characters, and a sexy little number named Ever, who holds the corner piece to the puzzle that’s become Shamus’ life, BREWIN’ THE PITS pulls you in, makes you comfortable and takes you on a journey of redemption in a new world that you won’t soon forget.

*BREWIN’ THE PITS was a Semi-finalist in The Scriptoid Annual Screenplay Contest, and Quarter-finalist in Page International and Blue Cat Script Contests.


Outcast kid, traumatized by family issues, discovers he has elite baseball talent and pursues his dream of making the big leagues…but demons from his past threaten that dream when he reaches his teens.

CHANGE-UP is a hard- hitting, family drama with a haymaker ending that knocks you out.  On the night eight year-old, Kane Morrissey, discovers his father is jailed for murder, he runs away, causing an accident that kills his older brother.  Shunned by his mother, Kane is abandoned and left with his grandparents. While there, Kane meets an old man, with a dark secret, who helps him unleash his baseball talent.  Once Kane is forced to reunite with his mother, his abusive stepfather, Dickey, will stop at nothing to prevent Kane from pursuing the sport he loves. 

But Kane perseveres, and ten years later, is a lock for a first round selection in baseball’s amateur draft.  All he needs to do is keep his nose clean and avoid the mental traps that Dickey sets.  Easier said then done, as Dickey endangers Kane’s draft status in a confrontation that triggers demons from Kane’s past that could end his promising career.  

*CHANGE-UP was also a Finalist in The Film Makers International Screenplay Contest.


I have completed four feature-length scripts, one of which has been optioned.  I am actively pursuing representation and have a stockpile of ideas that will be making it onto the page.  BREWIN’ THE PITS and CHANGE-UP are two examples of my creative range, as they both deal with sports and redemption, but take completely contrasting tonal paths to get there.    

CHANGE-UP Click here to contact Dana about his winning script Winner of Monthly Contest for April 2010


Dana has received multiple requests for BREWIN’ THE PITS since the results of the 2010 Annual Contest, and placed 1st out of 2313 entries in the Cherub Films Free Screenplay Contest. His work also made the Semi-Finals of Scriptoid and the Finals in the Exposurama contests!