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Since graduating from Sheffield Hallam University in film: history, theory and criticism, I have completed two screenplays: DEAD HOWLING and DEAN’S DAY. Both scripts have received recommends.

I like to think that DEAD HOWLING is semi-biographical after my Dad continually spent my childhood telling me and my friends about the night he almost turned into a werewolf.

DEAN’S DAY is a crime drama which I have worked extensively on. It’s a story of redemption, frantically paced, with a great deal of tension and conflict. I am especially proud of the ending and overall pay off of the script.

My brain is full of intriguing and wonderful ideas and it gives me such a buzz to think of the screenplays I am writing now (two at the moment which I am very excited about), and those I will write in the future.

I’m ambitious, and believe in setting the bar high. The challenge for me, which I relish so much, is to replicate that feeling of escape and wonder for audiences that the great writers and directors have been able to do to me. I want to entertain the masses; cause their mouths to drop; make them laugh and cry; take them on a journey for 90-120 minutes that they’ll never forget. That’s my goal.

For the last year I have been fortunate enough to teach film at Boston College. This is a great way for me to share my passion. I owe a lot to the wonderful people who taught me over the years and brought my attention to some exceptional films. It’s nice to have the opportunity to be able to do the same for my students.

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