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Justin Sloan is working towards an MA degree in writing from the Johns Hopkins University. Before Hopkins, Justin studied at The Writer’s Center of Bethesda and in a screenwriting course with screenwriting instructor Mark Lapadula.

Justin’s interest in screenwriting started when he lived in Carlsbad, CA as a U.S. Marine. For two years he worked as a Marine during the day, went to school and acting classes during the evenings, and acted on camera whenever he could find time. He went on to study abroad in Japan, Italy, and Korea, and to earn his first MA in International Relations and Economics, at the Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies. When he is not writing, he enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and works for the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.


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“Back by Sunrise” – Family/ Drama


A young girl, devastated by her father’s death, receives a magical necklace that can transform her into a bird at night. There’s just one catch: return by sunrise or stay a bird forever. Now, after failing to heed the warning, she is ultimately forced to rely on new friends, stand up to conniving enemies, and rediscover a connection with her family so she can return home before all is lost.


“Hounds of God” – Action/ Adventure


A young woman desperately searches for a cure to remove the curse put on her by a werewolf bite. The search for answers brings her to a shocking discovery which ultimately forces her to choose: accept her condition and embrace the beast within, or die fighting to expel it 

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