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RADIO HAITI - based on an inspirational true story.  40 years ago, a lowly radio station janitor inherits the bankrupt station he works for.  He uses the airwaves to spew his own views and political opinions.   He faced death threats, exile, and assassination attempts, but he never gave up his fight for free speech. He rallied an entire nation to fight for and win their democracy. 


Bio -

Myke has been writing screenplays for over 15 years.   He grew up in California and went to Oak Park High School.  After graduating, he went on to earn a B.A. in Television/Film production from C.S.U. Northridge.  It was there he took his first screenwriting classes and began to write.  After college, he spent over 5 years working various jobs in film production.  He then returned to his true love of screenwriting and went on to further his education in the art.  He earned a certificate in Feature Film writing from the UCLA writer's program in 2008. 


Since then, he has spent the last 5+ years working in development.  He is a freelance story analyst and script reader.  He has read screenplays for many top producers, agents, managers, and contests.  Reading screenplays made him a better writer.  Currently he is director of development for a top Literary Manger.  He also writes articles for the entertainment website, owned by academy award winner Kevin Spacey and academy award nominated producer Dana Brunetti.


He has written 10 screenplays to date, an original 1hr TV pilot, and over 100 short scripts and sketches.  He has also wrote and produced 5 short films.  His first and only script sale to date was a short to blockbuster writer Steven E. DeSouza (Die Hard, Commando, 48hrs,) who had it produced.  He's hoping one of his features will be next!


He lives in Thousand Oaks, California with wife, 2 children, and cat.  He loves reading, writing, photography, movies, Texas Hold'em, and all things Gaga.


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