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Natalie prides herself on her strong female protagonists.  She specializes in dramas, thrillers, and unrelenting portraits around the darker side of the human spirit.  Her mission is to help create roles for women that focus on smart dialog and great characters.   


Natalie is repped by the Nancy Chaidez Agency.  She is open to writing on spec.  Her other scripts include:


Her Brother’s Keeper

After the disappearance of her nephew, a young teacher becomes obsessed with uncovering the truth even as it crumbles her professional life; her marriage and exposes the possible complicity of her brother, the missing boy’s father.

The Craigslist Honeymoon

When a bride-to-be gets dumped at the altar, she posts an ad on Craigslist, selecting a stranger who has a hidden agenda to accompany her on what turns out to be the honeymoon from Hell.


The semi-retirement of Fire Fighter Candy

An aging adult film superstar decides to quit the business and start a new life only to meet a charming fan who has secretly been obsessed with her for years.  They start a relationship while he tries to hide his family, and she discovers a ‘normal’ life might be more than she handle.


No Fault Zone

A wild and rebellious young woman blames herself for losing her best friend to a violent crime and subsequently sets off on a dangerous path of self-destruction, but when she meets a man who has also experienced tragedy, their relationship could be the key to her salvation--that is, if they survive this journey together.


Kisha Jones wanted revenge for the abuses endured at the hands of her ex. With her boyfriend a plan is hatched in which Hurricane Katrina will be the cover for his heinous murder, but in the storm where rare coins, a corrupt cop and the nation’s greatest national disaster collide, they all end up trying to stay one step ahead of catastrophe.


Blue Collar Dreams

Facing financial pressure at home because her husband can’t find steady work, a blue collar worker at Boeing goes for a pay increase by moving to the exec ranks for the new 787…but gets caught up in a power struggle between capital and labor which turns deadly.


Secret Watcher

Jeremy fall hides a sexual secret, until he is forced to reveal his tendencies in order to beat a murder rap.  He must face his inner demons and emerge as a new man to have a shot at redemption, but can he?   


Ben Franklin’s Ninjas

Benjamin, a boy genius who views his life as a ‘choose your own adventure’ book takes on a secret plan to get his divorced parents back together.  He learns what family really means and comes to terms with the difficult truth about his parents separation.

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