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Born in Belfast, and educated in Northern Ireland and Scotland, Neil worked the production line in a bottling plant, sold data, and engaged in various other dubious activities before starting a career in advertising that took him around the world, eventually landing him in New York where he now lives.

Writing commercials gave him a taste of the peculiar thrill of seeing written words transformed into moving pictures (and thanks to a Coke commercial he can legitimately claim that he’s written a film directed by David Fincher). Subsequently it only took a few classes at the Gotham Writers Workshop for him to become hooked on screenwriting.

His first script ‘Dead Hookers’ made the quarterfinals in the Zoetrope, Fade In and Creative World Awards and, under the title ‘Lochmaddy’, was one of the four winners of the Gimme Credit International Screenwriting Contest.’s December contest is the first outing for his new thriller ‘Knife’.

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