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I'm an independent film-maker in Montreal, Quebec. I’ve worked on several independent productions before deciding to produce and direct my own short films. I’ve also worked extensively with actors and acting coaches. 

My three short films were small projects, which I wrote, produced and directed (shown on Movieola and at the Rendez-Vous (RVCQ). 'Sweeping Forward' is my first feature length project.

-'Centuries Across The Table' (Historical Drama) is about a medieval young woman forced to abide by her parents’ wishes. Jessica is a petulant modern teen who does not accept responsibility for her actions. Centuries separate them across a table, but their lives become intertwined and their destinies forever altered when their roles are inexplicable reversed.

-'Fortune Cookie' (Comedy) A shy young man’s fancy turns to the pretty girl sitting next to him on a café terrace. But cell phones, waitresses, city buses and a reluctant can of soda seem determined to thwart his awkward overtures – until an innocuous fortune cookie comes to the rescue. 

-'Dinner For One' (Comedy) is about a young woman who elaborately prepares a simple meal.

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