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REBIRTH - An original feature screenplay, inspired by a provocative true story. 

                                                                                                 Ranked Top Five of Winning Scripts on  in Drama, Historical and Romance genres.

Four - First Place Wins, 14 Screenplay awards   


LogLine: A womanizing pacifist finds love that changes his life and risks it all in a fight for civil liberty. Inspired by a provocative true story with the passion of "Braveheart" and the promise of "Ever After."


"The story is very well written with epic proportions, in a message that spans the generations ... an extraordinary work."  - Barb Doyon, Los Angeles  

Extreme Screenwriting gives “REBIRTH” a RECOMMEND.

"Two lovers struggle to survive, while maintaining their commitment to each other and the shattered humanity around them. Written on an epic scale, and based on a true story, the writer does a very good job of weaving considerable tragedy with hope and “Rebirth."  - Big Apple Film Festival Review Excerpt, First Place Win 

Given a "commercial potential" score of 10. 

"This sweeping epic is instructive for all time. A classic. I highly recommend REBIRTH to anyone looking for a certain, international hit." - Steven P. Mark, Entertainment Attorney, NYC

"What an impressive epic love story!  It has all the elements necessary to make a good film. It has romance, betrayal, murder, war, noble men standing for a noble cause.  These elements are what sell this script: the massive nature of this story and the complexity of the events." - Story Pros, Los Angeles (Top 20)

"Captivating story from the lead in right through to the rewarding climax. Solid entertainment value." - Larry Myles, RED INKWORKS  (Top 50)

"This script has it all -- from the love and romance, to the martyrs and heroes staking their lives on the quest for peace and justice, to the heartbreaking tragedy, death and despair. I LOVED IT!" - Sasha Lauren, Epiphany Scripts (First Place)


Associate Producer:

Indyfans and the Quest for Fortune and Glory  


Entertainment Attorney, Steven Paul Mark

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New York, New York  10021  

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